Our Breakfast Story

Coming from the hotel Industry where most breakfast start with the same menu: scrambled eggs, pancakes, coffee, orange Juice. At Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast, we’ve found that creativity was only a flip away. So, we decided to do breakfast differently, same items but with a twist. As our guests have discovered since 2013, our breakfast dishes are anything but regular, different every day.

Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from local partners who share our passion for a better tomorrow — so you can start your day knowing you’re responsible for making the world a bit brighter.

At Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast, we want each morning to feel like it’s the weekend. No worries if you a special dietary needs, we can prepare the same breakfast be Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Lactose Free or Dairy Free.

At, Casa Sol bed and Breakfast we believe serving breakfast should serve a higher purpose, so we work tirelessly every morning using natural and fresh ingredients when preparing your breakfast. Our coffee is sourced locally from a family of coffee growers from the central mountains of Puerto Rico. But it does not end here sustainability is key, that is why we compost 80% of our food waste. This organic material goes to a Tropical Flower Farm, where the compost is processed and used to fertilize the flowers. The same flower you will find in your room. Freshly cut every week and delivered directly to your room from the farm.

A Spanish Colonial Home located in the Historic Center of Old San Juan.