Homemade Breakfasts

We take pride in our cooking, most of our ingredients are fresh sourced from local farmers and suppliers. We try not to repeat a breakfast in 8 days, so for 8 days you will be served a different breakfast, all served with Local artisanal Coffee and fresh local seasonal fruits delivered directly from the farms.

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Quiche, Spinach and Mushrooms

Spinach Quiche, made with local urban Chicken eggs, local mushrooms and Vaca Negra Cheese, served with a slice of Avocado on a bed of Kale. Note: The spinach and Kale are form the roof garden of Casa Sol. Buen provecho…

French Toast Brioche

French Toast, made with artisanal Brioche bread, from Lavain Bakery, suffed with Lady finger bananas garnished with a Tamarind sauce and smoked bacon.

Scrambles Eggs with Longaniza and Fried Plantains

Spinach Quiche, made with local urban Chicken eggs, local mushrooms and Vaca Negra Cheese, served with a slice of Avocado on a bed of Kale. Note: The spinach and Kale are form the roof garden of Casa Sol. Buen provecho…


Waffles made with coconut oil, milk yogurt, fresh sweet potatoes (from Barranquitas) garnished with banana, mint leave and a Guava sauce.

Eggs Casa Sol

A take-off from the famous Eggs Benedict, which we call Eggs Casa Sol. Our special ingredient is Pumpkin from San Sebastian. Eggs Casa Sol combines many great flavors first the patty made of grated potato and pumpkin, on top a thin slice of Tomato from Mayaguez, chopped basil from our roof garden over that a cooked to perfection poached egg with a cheddar cheese sauce on top, what a treat, just delicious.

Coconut PanCakes

Pancakes made with coconut milk yogurt, and fresh coconut flakes, toped with Acerola Maple sauce and smoked bacon. We get our coconuts from Loiza Puerto Rico .

Vegetable Omelet

Our vegetable omelet with papas criollas which include, Aguacate from Adjuntas, Calabaza from Jayuya, Onion from Isabela, eggs from Gallinas Ponedoras, spinach and scallions from our roof garden, mushrooms from Puerto Rico and potatoes from far away….

Mallorcas with ham, cheese and eggs

A very local a traditional Old San Juan Breakfast… A freshly baked Mallorca from La Mallorca on San Francisco Street in OSJ, with ham, Cheese and eggs, buttered up and pressed flat between the hot steel plates of a griddle then showered with a flurry of confectioners’ sugar. Mallorcas, which are named for the Spanish island where they originated and where they are known as ensaimadas are a tradition in Old San Juan.

Local Support

Our roots are local here at Casa Sol Bed and Breakfast we aim to source,
purchase and use as much as possible local products. 

Everything from our furniture, artwork, light fixtures, decorating accessories, bread, jams, fruits, vegetables, spices and condiments, coffee, chocolate, milk, flowers, eggs, bakeries, cheese, crackers, breakfast meats, etc.… is sourced locally.

Our mission is to provide our visitors with a unique visit, one they will never forget, creating memories and experiences to last a lifetime. When preparing our home-cooked Breakfast, we will showcase as many local products as we can, and guests will be able to sample things they may have never tasted before.

Our support goes even further; we believe that the more we can teach others and support neighboring business the more one grows. In the local hospitality industry, we have become mentors for many new B & B’s.

Loiza Dark (Chocolate)

Loiza Dark is Puerto Rico’s premiere single-origin chocolate brand. It is an all-natural gourmet chocolate crafted from the seeds of our own cacao trees. For many years, our chocolate has obtained both local and international recognition from our delighted customers.
Being chocolate lovers ourselves we understand the pleasure and enjoyment that comes from eating a truly delicious chocolate bar or chocolate product of the highest quality. Therefore, we work to create the most authentic, natural, exquisite and completely chemical free chocolates. Starting at the farms and all the way to the finished products.
At Loiza Dark we strive to make the best chocolate using only the finest ingredients.
We hope you enjoy our chocolate as much as we do.

Brazo Gitano Franco (Bakery)

E. Franco & Co., Inc., founded in Mayagüez in the year 1850. The first brazo Gitano came from Andalucía, Spain when Enrique Franco founder of Brazo Gitano Franco brought the recipe of panatela and used it with local fruit as a filling using Guava which were in abundance on the country hills.

With this product of Spanish origin made Boricua style began the expansion of the prestigious Brazo Gitano Franco, “the genuine, the authentic, the original”.

Artesania Villalobos, Wood Furniture

Local wood furniture with henea weaving. All made with different local wood; like majó, capa prieto, capa blanco, Oak, laurel, and others. We use two types of weaving a traditional and an interlaced (the most popular).

El Horno de Pane

El Horno de Pane is an artisanal bakery with an European style, incorporating influence from different parts of the world. The escense of El Horno de Pane is in rescuing and respecting the process and centenary traditions in the making of breads and viennoiserie. In El Horno de Pane the time is the principal ingredient of their products, that in the appropriate handling you can obtain the right balance of flavors and fragances without appealing to chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Gallinas Ponedoras (Urban eggs)

Urban chickens, our family is dedicated in the raising of happy chickens and health eggs.

Mermeladas Chali (Fruit Jams) http://www.joyastropicales.com/index.html/ Chali Marmalades are a variety of 100% natural homemade style tropical fruit spreads that complements cookies, bread, toasts and sandwiches.

Moninos, Muñecas con Historia
(Dolls with a history)

My dolls were born along the paths of my life. From leftovers of fabric I would find along the streets, most left for waste, other given to me by friends, and acquaintances and donors who heard of my business and wanted to contribute.
I like stories this is my dolls have a story which tell where the fabric came from, a button or the idea to make them/ give them life came. We are surrounded by rituals and in my instances, we forget them because of our fast pace or because of our daily routines. Nothing is a coincidence everything has a meaning, a place of origin or a place of
encounter. Enjoy them. Gloribel Delgado Esquilín

Señor Paleta ( Fresh Fruit Ice Pops)

Señor Paleta is specialized in the elaboration of artisanal pops of gelato and sorbet. With a wide variety of flavors all based with fresh natural fruits.

Flor de Mar (Sea salt) http://www.flordemarseasalt.com/ https://m.facebook.com/flordemarseasalt/ FLOR DE MAR, LLC is dedicated to the artisan craftsmanship of the first and only sea salt brand from Puerto Rico. Flor de Mar was created and developed by two young professionals with the purpose of providing the consumer with a local product of superior gourmet quality that was harvested and elaborated in their native Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. They took up the challenge of rescuing the oldest industry of the Antilles and give life to what was one of the most important economic resources that Puerto Rico had for many years. Flor de Mar Sea Salt is hand harvested in “Las Salinas” Salt Pans located in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, a pristine small town in the west coast of the island, whereas history tells, the salt extraction dates back to the Taino Indians in 700 A.C. This was the first salt industry of the Antilles, making it the most ancient industry in Puerto Rico that still operates today. The salt extracted from the Cabo Rojo Salt Pans was referred to as the white gold of the Antilles. Currently archaeological have been identified in the area, increasing its historical value. Therefore, in 1999 Las Salinas became part of the Fish and Wildlife Refuge of Cabo Rojo. The great historic, ecological and archaeological value of Las Salinas de Cabo Rojo makes it a natural patrimony with an incalculable importance. In addition to the many nutritional properties of our sea salt, Flor de Mar is 100% raw and unaltered with preservatives, bleaching chemicals or aluminum.